Fantasia Barrino This Is Me şarkı sözü


This is me

[speaking] this is who i am..

[verse one]

I’m still tryna make it out

Cause i’m still just another girl from the ghetto

There’s so much in my life

I break down cause i’m so deep in the struggle

(there isn’t sun in rain. there ain’t joy in pain.)

Thought i found my way out then i’m back again

From the streets to the stage of hollywood

Back to the blessings

And the love in the hood


I’m just a girl tryna make a way (ohhhohhh)

It gets so hard but i’ll be ok (be ok)

I don’t really care what the people say

Cause this is me

A mother, a daughter (daughter), a sis to my brother (sis to my brother)

I’m every woman cause i gotta be

And god put me through it

Cause he know i can do it

Cause this is me yeah

  • Şarkıcı: Fantasia Barrino
  • Şarkı adı: This Is Me